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Originally Posted by BamaTrooper View Post
So if you applied your government rate discount and your AARP discount and the GSSF group discount, they should owe you
Call and ask them, will you?

Kitty, did you check the coordinates and get a door to door distance? Also, I have a group of 30 Deputies and PD officers coming out tomorrow for a "match" run through. I get to be the RO, Safety officer and squadding officer and they all get to shoot. I may even yuse your stuff for a briefing
This will give us a chance to see how sensitive the timers are, where we need vision blockers and expose the ROs to the scoring, sign up, etc...
It's 470 miles to the range for me.

My 'stuff' is good 'stuff' - and it mentions ready positions and trigger fingers. But you wouldn't forget that anyway. You still have cones in mind?

What about baffles between the stages? We spoke about that I think - but I forgot what you said.

ETA: Ever get to the Coast Guard Sector offices?

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