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Though I've never held an SF or seen the dimensions compared to my Gen-4 G-30, I can say that there is no such thing as a Gen-4 G-30 SF. The backstrap system by its very nature makes the Gen-4 with no added backstrap, a shorter frame just like the Gen-4 ... G-19 .. G-17 .. ect.

After I switched my Gen-3 to a Gen-4 (G-19) I was amazed at the difference in feel and very shortly changed my G-17 to a 4th gen.

The only real disappoint I've had with a Glock is with the G-36. I wanted the .45 ACP since I load and compete with several 1911s. After shooting the G-36 in several GSSF matches (only one division allowed for it ... Major Sub) I knew I had made a mistake not getting the G-30 instead. By the time I got rid of the G-36, I was lucky that I got my hands on the Gen-4 G-30. It the most natural feel and pointing of any of my Glocks. and as a bonus the G-30 fits into almost every division at a GSSF match.

Won a pistol 2 GSSF matches ago ........ no idea what I want. Paperwork on my desk waiting to go ........... any suggestions?
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