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Originally Posted by Taterhead View Post
Shadow, good Sir, us accountants refer to it as "practicing accounting" too. We keep practicing until the numbers come out like we want them to.

SR would know a thing or two about that over in Dungeon Finance. He is truly a professional practitioner. Get enough N' Sweats in him and he might "talk a little shop," so to speak. Sometime when he is appropriately lubricated (now is probably a good time most likely), ask him how he consistently manages to "hit the numbers."
Well if this is the case the Dungeon Finance accountants may need to practice my method of doing taxes...You work them backwards! You decide how much you want [$$$] back then work said numbers with a little practice and arrive at the best numbers to achieve your desired results! You may be familure with part of this method referred to a Fudging!
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