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Planning a 10-22 custom build.

I'm throwing around the idea of custom making my own 10-22, as I think I can get exactly what I want by buying all the parts separate as opposed to buying a gun, then changing everything on it. Here's what I want:

- 18"-20" Fluted Bull Barrel (threaded)
- Flash suppressor
- Buying action separately
- Stock: still undecided as there are so many to choose from (any suggestions? links?) I'm thinking tactical here.

Here are a few questions I have:

Has anyone noticed any difference in velocity for 20" barrel as opposed to an 18"?

Is there a real improvement on accuracy with the longer barrel given the small round?

Where can I find Stocks to fit a bull barrel? I'm looking for something AR-style or Tactical Sniper. Not sure which yet.

Anyone know where to buy just the action/trigger assembly/receiver? I know a guy and I may just have to check with him. Or call Ruger.

The reason I want to do a fluted bull barrel is this: My dad has a 10-22 that he has tac'd out. Great gun. We were shooting 4" steel plates at 185yds and tearing them up and this is with a stock trigger and regular stock barrel (16" I believe). What it really boils down to is he has an awesome gun, and I want to one-up him .

Like I said, I'm still in the thinking phase of this build right now, and won't be starting the project until I get some money on hand, but I don't want to just go in blind.

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