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Originally Posted by nmk View Post
Huh. Beefy dude and some of the LEO responses seem pathetic and petty. Usually I'm rooting for one of them. It appears neither side wants to take the high road here.
If by "high road", you mean will I ignore a poster who claims he is not who we now know him to be? Because I won't. He constantly belittles LE at every turn, and has now begun a campaign to portray himself as a victim. I merely linked to some pics online, on a forum HE posted at. If you don't want stuff to come back and bite you, don't post it online.

As far as the OT and conspiracy theories go - I'm a jail officer, so i don't typically see the immediate mess people cause. But, I've known some nasty folks in my 12.5 years of time. One was a "mother" who lit her kids on fire after dousing them with gas. Another was a guy who bludgeoned his son to death with a weight, then tortured his wife to death (a gt'er made that run). Speaking of torture, Google Mel Ignatow. I knew him, too. Cecil New raped and killed a 3 year old boy, then threw him in the trash. I know him, too.

All these incidents, and the conspiracy clowns think a skinhead type wouldn't shoot up a church belonging to another religion? Yeah, OK.
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