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Rimfirecentral, Everything you will ever want to know about the 10-22 and more.

These are some of the items I personally use.
I have ALOT of .22's due to how cheap they are to shoot and build, In alot of configurations.

Theres a million diff ways to build these badboys.
Use as much titanium as you can afford, the lighter that action is the faster and smoother it will shoot.

The true acuracy of the 22 comes down to trigger, bolt and chamber work.

This guy is one of the TOP 22 machinists
This guy is one of teh best trigger guys out there receivers (best out there), bolts, trigger groups etc.
Use his receiver pin kit and bolt buffer
unless you go with a really lite weight stock, then get a bolt buffer like this. Get this trigger. use this V-block, to preload your free floated barrel, this is important part.

Most if not all of the stocks listed below support bull barrels.

Rimfire Forum
the sparta and marauder stocks. I have both, they are really nice. the marauder/nomad kit really turns heads.
the archangel stock

You could go with a overmold stock and a UTG quad rail also. they tend to look really nice, but wont have a freefloat barrel.

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