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Mine was just a simple my neighbor told me to get it. He is a police officer and carries 24/7. not to mention he keeps his house strategically armed and his wife also has a few pistols by her bedside when he works the night shift. He told me "You just never know. Along with that, it acts as a sort of extra insurance policy in the state of Ohio, where just having a magazine loaded and left in your car is a felony if you have no permit.

The $90 class and $67 permit fee is well worth the price if I were to ever be dumb enough to forget to unload a magazine on my way home from the range.

I live pretty close to a nice outdoor shopping center that has parking garages, and a few months ago a guy was walking to his car and got jumped by a couple guys. Luckily the guy ignored the signs and had his pistol on him and ran the bad guys off. Not to mention the crackheads, meth heads and drunks are edging closer and closer to my neighborhood as days go by.
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