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Originally Posted by JR View Post
LWD has been, and continues to deliver the Full Size TimberWolf Frame models 17,22,24,31,34,35. See them here

The TimberWolf Compact Frame is slated for production now. I planed to make a very special offer to GT members who follow this thread. An offer similar to the original deal we had with the Full size. You know, pick it up at a super discounted price, run it, post your findings.
The difference this time is that the Compact frame is actually perfect. We have plenty of running samples in hand now. Everybody here loves them! This initial run does not deserve to be labeled a prototype but.......
Keeping with tradition I plan to produce a limited run of 250 pcs. I will serial number them PROTO-xxx so they will clearly qualify as collectors. I will offer a deep discount to GT members for their participation in this project.

I plan to make an official announcement the week of the 20th.
If it'll run on a Gen3 Glock 32, I'll take the first one.
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