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Nothing fancy for me.

I have been a sport shooter for over 10 years in France where CCW is not permitted (how stupid is that ?)

I have moved to Africa where if i manage well enough i might be able to get a CCW permit. Carrying a G19 will most probably be the best insurance i can get. Not mentionning that being an expat i am a live moving target for any thug in town.

As simple as that...

When i read some anti gun crap in US news i am sad for you guys... I once read that you should never discuss with an idiot because he'll drag you down to his level and then beat you with experience. You guys should NEVER give up your right to own and carry. Never a govt will be able to defend you as well as you can !! And bad guys DO NOT obey laws and they always WILL have acess to firearms.

I have great respect and friendly feelings for all GTers. Please allow me to give the US citizens one advice.

The idiotic gun laws in my home country now lead to the following situation, bad guys nowadays don't mind using AK47 (coming for ex Yougoslavia stock from war) to shoot in broad day light (roberries, etc).

And anytime a shooting happens, the anti gun dummies that already made gun laws worse rave on how guns are dangerous and should be prohibited ?!?
You IDIOTS they ARE prohibited ALREADY !! And that leaves us unprotected with the BG being more and more armed everyday.

Watch out with the anti guns... if you let them go too far, they'll blame the good guys for the bad guys being armed.
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