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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
i think its a win for my fellow soldiers and some of which i lost in afghanistan and their families to know that they dont have to deal with the sorrow and insanity of fools celebrating the heartache a soldiers' family is going thru in the wake of their loss. you people hate the president so much you dont support anything he does for any american. its sad really. so much hate in your hearts for the man.
You make a good point. It doesn't really matter that our economy has tanked under Obama. It really doesn't matter that he has increased our debt to an unsustainable level. It doesn't matter that we have ten to twenty percent (depending on calculation method) of our populaton unemployed. It doesn't matter that real estate prices just keep falling. It doesn't matter that personal wealth of families keeps dropping. It doesn't matter that more and more people are on welfare every month. It doesn't matter that he has no coherent foreign policy. It doesn't matter that he has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to political cronies and campaign contributors, many whom live overseas. It doesn't matter that he has filled his administration with people with questionable backgrounds who are not qualified and show it in every decision they make. It doesn't matter that his justice department is a joke and seems at times to be covering up as many crimes as they are uncovering.

And, mostly, it doesn't matter that he seems to have no clue what to do about any of these things.

No, what is important is that he signed a bill to stop a bunch of nuts from protesting at funerals.

You have convinced us. Please ask ACORN to mail us several absentee ballots in different names so we can vote several times for Obama.
I sure miss the country I grew up in.

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