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I'm not reading all that's been posted in this thread since I last looked, because I've been around long enough to know what it's worth.

However, on the "4 or 5 shooters" conspiracy theory, I'll say this: when I first started reading about this, I thought it seemed very unusual for a skinhead to carry out a solo racial attack like this. While tere are others who might, my feeling was that white power skinheads are very "group" centered and I'd have expected more than 1.

On the one hand, this guy could have just gone off, same as any other nut shooter. The small number of people killed supports that.

On the other hand, it isn't impossible that there were multiple shooters and while the dead guy was shooting it out with police, the others were running for it, out the back (I say that not knowing the layout, or how many police arrived or how fast).

That doesn't make it a CIA covert operation or an alien invasion, but if the information came out that a couple of other buddies of the dead shooter were also involved, I wouldn't be shocked.

On the third hand - if you saw some sketchy info that some witness claimed there was more than 1 shooter and you started thinking that somehow meant a conspiracy involving the government, you aren't rational and probably shouldn't be trusted with a gun yourself.
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