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I just picked one up at Walmart after seeing this thread this morning. For the money, I figured Id give it a try. After fooling with it a little while now, its obvious why even the cheaper versions of Streamlight and some of the others are worth what they cost.

The one I got has a different mount than the one in kodiakpb's pic, and looks like the one in gunsup's and lyodbraun's. The mount is "fiddly", and doesnt just pop on and off like my M3X.

The switch is shaky at best. Looks like breaking it wont take much. It has no momentary switch, which I think is a deal breaker, and a big negative. I dont have small hands, and the switch cant easily be reached with your trigger finger, or any of your fingers on the hand holding the gun without breaking your grip. Even then, its awkward. Even if you use two hands, it still requires you break your normal "two hand" grip to activate the light. The strobe requires you hit the switch once, lighting the light, then shut it off and hit it again within 4 seconds. More fiddling.

The only thing the light does have going for it is, it is bright.

I was a little torqued when I first saw this thread, as I just got the LED upgrade bezel and module for my M3X on Thursday. It cost me $55. I figured here we go, SOS. Now after getting this one, Im not so torqued about that, just torqued I didnt just put the $40 towards a TL1 as I was planning on getting. Hmmm, now that I think about it, Walmart will take anything back. TL1 is on the way.
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