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Originally Posted by Restless28 View Post
What would McArthur, Patton, Bradley, Nimitz, Sgt. York and Audie Murphy think of this crap?
im going to bet atleast one or more of them was gay too so im thinking they would have said "you go girlfriend"

there are alot of gays in the armed forces.there was gay sex in the trenches of ww1 there was gay sex on the sands of normandy there was gay sex in the jungles of vietnam and gay sex in the moutains of afgahastan..thre is no way to get rid of it.

maybe instead of people worrying about gays in the millitary they should worry about the drug addicts or gang members that have beeen documented going in to learn to be better and tougher on the about the high percentage of domestic violence..nope the OP isnt worried about that.
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