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Originally Posted by youngdocglock View Post
Really? So you believe that insulting a solder. who has given most of their life to protecting your behind.......deserves to be judged because of their choice in partner?

What happened to "where all men are created equal". ? I dont think that saying just applies to MEN.

After you have any idea how many gay and lesbian firefighters charged into the towers , some who lost their lives.......

Do you know how many Cops, Paramedics, Doctors.........are gay or lesbian?

I understand religious views on Marriage. Thats your right as an American. However what gives you the right to judge a human being who lives to defend you?

Im willing to bet all my chickens that if we had another terror wouldnt give two craps who was saving your matter.

But its sure easy to sit at a computer and Insult our troops isnt it. Easy to judge people from afar. That is cowardice. Im sure that this woman...........doesnt have that much in her. Do you?
It's not that fact she is homosexual that is at issue. It is the fact that she was homosexual when in fact declaring that she was not for the last 25+ years and violating established policy.

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