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Originally Posted by youngdocglock View Post
When it comes to hatred towards other people for living their own lives. Your right I am Shrill. My sister is a lesbian. Shes also a goddman fine Marine. She took a bullet in COMBAT in Iraq........she wasnt a combat soldier, she drove a TSB truck. But she did a whole lot more for the USA than most of the gay bashers out there.

You insulted her and every other gay/lesbian in the armed forces by saying that insulting this General was not Un-American. Which it is. America is about freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And to State that bashing people who are doing exactly that...goes against everything our country stands for.

I am a Marine. I've served my time, so have THOUSANDS of gay/lesbian and Bisexual soldiers. I served elbow to elbow with them. Infact my Gunny was gay, Dont ask dont tell, But we all knew and there's no one else i would rather drop into a hornets nest with other than him.

Whether they enjoy the company of men or women....they are still damn fine soldiers. As someone who has been in the **** with them. I know this to be a truth, and no book, no hatred and no opinion will ever change that truth.
First of all son, you need some better reading comprehension. I haven't insulted anyone. I haven't expressed 'hate' for anyone. I just happen to strongly disagree with the current policy and with a promotion which appears to be politically motivated. That's all.
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