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Originally Posted by youngdocglock View Post
Okay.....what if the application said

Are you black or hispanic?

Answering yes to either would be violation and you would not be allowed your god given right to serve your flag.

As it did before WW2..............would that be okay?

The Dont ask dont tell policy was pure bigotry. You should know that. It was BS from the start. I never agreed with it because i served with homosexual men and women and they were more committed to soldiering than anyone else.

Just like the Black units in WW2. everyone called them coons and monkeys and trash.....they fought harder than whites. We all know that. They proved they were worth admittance.

Gays and lesbians have proved that as well

She lied to protect her country. GOOD. She became a dont become a general if your not a damn good soldier. As far as i see it, if she had told the truth our country would have lost a great leader.

This is why the policy has been removed. Someones sexual orientation has nothing to do with being a soldier. It has to do with whiney wind bags who want to run someone elses life the way THEY see fit. ONLY God has the right to judge us. Noone else. And if being gay is a sin. he will deal with those people when their time comes, but i can guarantee, he will deal with those who sin by judgement just as harshly.

I say let those who serve our country be. They give us more than we give them.
What evidence do you have that blacks fought harder than whites, other than some movies that may have led you to believe this?
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