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Decades ago, I knew a few soldiers in my unit were gay or lesbian. It did not matter to me as a straight man. I deployed with all sorts and sexual orientation was always a non-issue. Back then, I was very conservative and it just did not matter.

At any given moment, soldiers find themselves outside UCMJ compliance. As with the civilian world, there are high and low priorities when it comes to prosecution.

The UCMJ also forbad normal sexual activities of heterosexuals.

I went through a divorce that took almost 4 years. When I was asked in my security clearance if I committed adultery, I said I had. It was after our separation and the start of the dragged out divorce. It did not matter in my clearance nor in my military service.

I have known all sorts if exemplary soldiers who did not line up with the outdated aspects of the UCMJ.

If one did not use some discretion in deciding what to prosecute, it would undermine moral. Even in uniform, the world is not simply black and white.

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