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Originally Posted by arclight610 View Post
One can't pick and choose which policies to abide by and which to not. The whole premise of the military is following lawful orders and policies set forth by those in charge. She should not have been promoted, or even still be in the Army. However, she did get promoted and is still in. That is the direction the military is going, compromise.
Some policies should not have been in place. Some questions should have never been asked. And there are some military people who are universally praised today for not following the orders. I know it's an overused example, and not on the same level, but the orders to kill civilians given to Nazi Germany officers were lawful from Nazi point of view.

Look at it this way. Say a very light skinned, caucasian looking person who is still technically black lies about his race to get into military back when it discriminated against minorities. Say this person has a distinguished career. Would you still say the same words I highlighted in the quote above ?

For the record, I don't have any gay relatives, and never had any close gay friends. I simply object to any form of discrimination that's based purely on bias, whatever the nature of this bias may be. It's un-American.

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