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Originally Posted by Ummagumma View Post
Some policies should not have been in place. Some questions should have never been asked. And there are some military people who are universally praised today for not following the orders. I know it's an overused example, and not on the same level, but the orders to kill civilians given to Nazi Germany officers were lawful from Nazi point of view.

Look at it this way. Say a very light skinned, caucasian looking person who is still technically black lies about his race to get into military back when it discriminated against minorities. Say this person has a distinguished career. Would you still say the same words I highlighted in the quote above ?
Exactly. The dont ask dont tell, disbarring people from joining. Is the same thing as not allowing black people into Diners set aside for whites.

The people who enforced these rules then look like complete racist morons today.

As will those who discriminate today, in 20 or so years.
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