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Originally Posted by Restless28 View Post
Where is the documented evidence of all of that gay sex you claim?
its common knowledge..just like its common knowledge about all the straight sex..guess wha alot of the soldiers even masterbate...

my wife comes from a family of marines who were deployed to iraq , one BIL went twice and one BIL went once but he now works outside of iraq for a company that fixes airplans.

so ive heard the stories of soldiers getting caught doing it in hummers' in stykers...if you wanted coke it was all around..
my BIL even admitted that he used the services of a female soldier, one of many who are prostitutes...theres even males that do it too..

soldiers are still people and they have you have this picture in your head where after a long day of patrol they sit down and have fries and a coke ,say their prayers and hit the sack...some lift weights ,some play basketball,some meet up with thier girlfriends....normal stuff
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