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Depends on finger length. My index finger pad almost goes past the switch itself.
I guess. You boys must have gorilla hands or are shifting your grip to get to the switch. I wear a size XL glove, and the only way I can get to the switch like it shows in stolenphot0's pic, is if I rotate my grip anti clockwise. After thinking about it more last night, I did try it on my 19 this morning, and its the same thing.

I guess Im spoiled by the Streamlight/Insight's switch position, where it reaches into the trigger guard and can easily and naturally be activated by either hand and either grip. With a normal thumbs forward grip, the off hand thumb rests right on the momentary side of the switch, which is perfect, and if you think about it, the correct way to work the light. The gun handles as it always does, and there is no shifting of the hands or fiddling to get the light on. Except in an emergency, the trigger finger is used only for the trigger. Using it for the switch, especially under stress, is just asking for trouble.

But hey, thats all just me. If it works for you, great. You sure cant beat the price.
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