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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Like I said prior, you're still mixing apples and moon rocks in your comparison.

Civil rights cover the broad spectrum of rights as a created being. These supersede governmental rights and are codified so as to prevent discrimination against people based on such things as "RACE," age, religion, national origin, ethnicity and gender.

The attempt to label homosexuality as a civil right is simply something that a group of homosexuals have cooked up themselves. The concept of "being born homosexual" was exposed and admitted to by some of the militants long, long ago.
The statement worthy of Sarah They exposed what exactly ? The concept ? As in, you seem to imply that it's a choice ?

People are being born homosexual. Heck, penguins are being born homosexual - ask Google if you don't believe me. Just because Judeo-Christian beliefs shun homosexuality doesn't mean it's a "choice". It's a biologically hard wired deviation. Just like Albinos.

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