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Originally Posted by Ummagumma View Post
Again, what question exactly ? About being a homosexual, or about engaging in sex with people of same gender ? 1st is biology, 2nd is biology+choice (although I believe that it's unnatural for a healthy adult to make a choice to stay celibate).
In 1992 the question was "Are you a homosexual?" Asked to you by a Doctor at least at MEPS station in Jacksonville. It was asked verbally and I don't remember then signing it though I assume there is a legal hook in there somewhere with it.

I didn't get in at that time. Took a prescription medication 9 months earlier that barred me for a year after stop taking it. I came back in 1993 after a year in college after DADT was in place and got in... I am sticking to the medicine story... When I went back the doctor took my old chart and a black marker and blacked out the previous question and answer.
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