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My wife and I just entered the "World of Guns." Went through safety training and after some research purchased two brand new Glocks having been led to believe that the brass to the head issue had been resolved in the new Gen 4's. We purchased a Glock 19 and a Glock 26 - both new Gen 4's.

The 26 was test factory fired on 6/7/12, the serial # begins with TDL
The 19 was test factory fired on 6/23/12, the serial # begins with TKV

Today was the third time at the range. We have now put about 400 rounds through the 19 and 300 through the 26. We are using relatively cheap, light ammo that was given to us which is the Remington 115 grain 9mm value box of 250.

Today we had about 25% of the brass hitting us in the head or shoulders. We also had two Failures to feed.

We do not know if it is ammo related as I do not know how old the Remington was. We also shot a magazine from each gun filled with Federal 115 gr Hi Shok +p+ JHP and that seemed to extract much better with no Failures.

I did stop on the way home and picked up a fresh box of 124 grain American Eagle JHP to take on the range next time and see how it performs.

To be honest, being relatively new a lot of the detailed responses on Glock talk are a little over my head at this stage but I am learning. My next step is to see how the fresh 124 grain performs. Any other suggestions are welcome.
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