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Good data Turo. The last time I chronographed 9.5gr Longshot w/180gr I averaged right at 1260 fps.

Here is today's numbers:

165gr Sierra JHP @ 1.260"
10.5gr Longshot w/ CCI LP
Stock G20sf

Average: 1,353 fps / 671 ft-lbs

Same setup but 10.7gr Longshot:

Average: 1,357 fps. 675 ft-lbs

Notes: brass looked good, a little bulge but nothing out of the ordinary. For some reason Hodgdon doesn't list any Longshot data for 165gr (or 135 & 155). I came up with the above numbers, it's not book data. The first shot of each string (10.5gr and 10.7gr) was high (near 1400 fps), the rest were quite consistent. Had it not been for the high starting shots, the average for both would have been in the 1340's.

180gr FMJ @ 1.260"
6gr TiteGroup w/ CCI LP
Stock G20sf

Average: 1080 fps / 446 ft-lbs

Notes: brass bulged more than the above listed Longshot loads, nothing serious however. Not a warm load by any means, but it makes for a good plinking load for when you want to go easy and save on powder.
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