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I think this argument is silly as hand guns are all about personal preference. It's like arguing over New York vs Chicago-style pizza. When it comes to personal preference, there is no right answer.

For what it's worth, I've seen guys with $8,000 custom 1911's get absolutely shamed in IDPA/IPSC competitions by guys with bone-stock G17's. I've also seen guys brag about "Glock Perfection" with it's durability, rugged design making it the ultimate combat handgun. But these same guys never practice anything combat-related; malfunction drills, drawing and indexing, reloads, etc. Hell, most of them don't shoot more than 200 rounds a year and when they do it's from a static position at 7 yard static targets.

The gun you own doesn't make you the shooter you want to be any more than owning a hammer makes you a carpenter.
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