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Well gang, the whole problem comes down to the fact that Her Majesty doesn't NEED a key for TARDIS, you see there's a fingerprint-reading touchpad that only works for Geesie, rather an anti-theft device of the first order. Eng151515 & myself installed it after Geesie lost the key while at a shoe sale in the Rigel-9 was a bit of a stretch getting TARDIS back home with my remote unit, which has since gone"POOF", letting all of the smoke out of it, so it no longer works.
My own control system is equally theft-proof, TARDIS reads my brain waves (poor thing) and is controlled strictly by thought. Needless to say, we've ended up in some STRANGE time-space areas to say the least !
The only known, existing key is on a custom titanium chain around Mongo's neck......good luck with that. Not that Mongo uses TARDIS a lot, but he won't part with the key. He considers it his personal "Get Out of Jail Free" card.


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