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Thanks for the replies. Keep 'em comin'...

Originally Posted by Ranger45 View Post
Been shooting my Kimber TLE II for five years. Round count has to be in the thousands by now (didn't keep track the first year I had the pistol.) Haven't fixed or replaced anything on it because nothing's needed fixin' or replacin'.
This is reassuring. I've heard enough people say this, that I was willing to try a Kimber.

Originally Posted by glock_19guy1983 View Post
Replace them when they break.
This is probably good advice.

Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr View Post
If it ain't broke,.....don't fix it.
Always good advice.

Originally Posted by clancy View Post
Why would you buy a pistol that you already feels needs be "fixed"?
I would have bought either a Range Officer or an STI, but neither one is California "approved." The Kimber has a match grade barrel, bushing, frame, and slide. I thought I'd see if it can outshoot my Springfield 1911.

Originally Posted by glock2740 View Post
If you don't have any ammo or magazine related issues after 500 rounds, there's really nothing to do to it unless you want to customize/upgrade it.
That's more or less what I'm thinking.

Thanks gusy. I'm obviously using the forum as a sounding board. I've had my Springfield Armory OEM 1911 since 1987. It's been very reliable. Recently, I put a Wilson bombproof sear and connector into it (as well as a Bar-Sto barrel). My gunsmith tested the Rockwell hardness of the wilson parts at 58, and my old Springfield parts at 52. Meanwhile, there was a broken Kimber sear on his press that tested at 14 .
It got me to thinking.... since I have my old Springfield Sear and connector, why not buy a few more parts and put them in the Kimber.

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