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Originally Posted by Cochese View Post
I would sure as hell be interested in a list!
Here it is. Prices have apparently gone up. May be worth shopping around some.

Safariland 774 Competition Rifle Mag Pouches

Although described as "competition" pouches, they are duty-ready, open top kydex with adjustable tension and proper hardware for attachment to the shroud.
Quantity: 3
Total Cost: $76.80

Your choice of:
Safariland 6004-4 - Double Leg Strap Shroud Only
Safariland 6004-14 - Single Leg Strap Shroud Only

Single or double strap shroud based upon your preference.
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $12.00

Safariland Thigh Leg Strap for 6004/6005 Holster - Single Strap

One or two of these depending on your preference in shroud.
Quantity: 1 or 2
Total Cost: $14.40 or $28.80

Safariland Complete Vertical Strap and Buckle for 6005 Holster

Pretty self explanatory. Go with the 6005 strap so that you get the QD buckle.
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $32.00

TOTAL: $135.20 or $149.60

That's still $11 cheaper than buying the complete two strap shroud and the three mag pouches.

Alternatively, if you want to do the one strap, you can buy:

Safariland 6005-10 Small Tactical Leg Shroud w/1 leg strap - Detachable

Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $53.60

and the three magazines for $130.40 and have a one-strap shroud (albeit a slightly different one, I think) and three pouches for $5 less than piecing it together.

I'm actually a bit surprised by how prices have increased. May be worth tracking down a 6004 or 6005 on a forum, swapping the vertical strap for the QD one if necessary, and going from there. The current prices make me wish I would have bought parts to build some spares.
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