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Going waaaay back to my days building shoebox racers the winners tended to use walnut oil, it was similar to WD-40 in consistency,it was an excellent short term lube but needed frequent reapplication. I was plaesed to see that a recent competitor on the STMFFAO* competition circuit has has rediscovered the benefits but in keeping with the organic nature of the walnut oil is upprading it with another organic that has a longer lasting quality. He is now championing his own mixture of 38% walnut oil and 62% tiger semen.

As you may imagine, obtaining the walnut oil is the most difficult part of making the formula, unless one owns a walnut tree and the means to extract the oil from the nut. It is rather a specialty item and is subject to seasonal price variations and climatic condition that effect the price drastically.

If this catches on, of course you can expect to see shortages of tiger semen at your local outlets as well.

* (STMFFAO- Shoot the MF'er Fast and Often)
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