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Originally Posted by Cochese View Post
It's also interesting when I attend a shooting school and we have the inevitable "off hand" shooting comps.
Our dept does a lot of what's affectionately become known as "left handed bull ****". A lot of guys don't like it but a few of us have embraced it. I'm right handed but left eye dominant so it works out okay to switch.

I actually carry my bug in my left side cargo pocket so when we do our bug quals that's where I draw/shoot from. First couple of times I did it & we switched to "weak hand" (which would mean changing to my strong hand if you're following at home) I got yelled at for doing the drill with the "wrong" hand & had to explain.
The other night there was a loud argument in the hall outside my apartment while I was trying to sleep. I went out and told them they better leave or I was gonna use some Kung-Fu... THAT scared them off...

Plus I was totally nekkid and holding a gun.
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