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This is my first post here, so here goes. I'm turning 22 this year and I haven't actually gotten my CCW or my pistol yet, but I have definitely decided I'm going to. Hopefully, I'll have them by the end of the year. But back on topic: there's two instances that I can recall, and both of them happened within a short amount of time.

Instance one: We had a police officer that was shot not even 1000 feet from my parents home (still in college). The scariest part was that the officer served two tours of duty in Iraq. The man served his country proudly and his reward was being ambushed by some piece of trash. Also was scary because my dad is an officer at the same department. Immediately after I noticed that my dad started carrying two guns everywhere he went. There's something quite scary about seeing your LEO father packing his service weapon and a backup everywhere because he's so shaken up. Especially when you're hoping to follow in his footsteps and become a cop.

Instance two: Not more than a month after incident 1. I was home with my ten year old brother. I'm laying down to go to sleep at around 2 am and hear what I'm sure are five or six shots right outside the bedroom window. Then I hear a loud bang on the front door. So I do exactly what I've always trained myself. Grabbed the brother and locked him in the parents room. Went to the closet to grab dad's Glock 22 service weapon and realize NO GUN! Called the cops and just sat there with my heart racing. The worst part was that we have other guns in the house, but all our ammo was at the police station. I've never had a worse feeling than knowing that if something were to go down I wouldn't be able to protect my brother. I'm on the small side (5'7 and about 140 pounds) so I would have been toast if anybody had come through the front door. When the old man came home we discussed what happened and I learned he actually bought his old service Glock 22 when his department got new guns. He agreed to keep it at home.

So long story short, there is now always a loaded gun in the house. If the old man is home, there are three. Otherwise I feel a lot safer knowing I'm packing a loaded 40 cal in my closet. Feel even better since I know my brother is capable of shooting it if it ever came to that. Gotta love a ten year old who can be on the paper at 15 yards with a gun bigger than his head.
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