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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
I just wanted to update about Harbor Freight...

That bit about the codes no longer working and the coupon needing to be present was pure BS. That cashier must have been mistaken that I last spoke to.

I used an internet code on Friday and saved 20%. The code was 99094294

I was able to get the 89.99 price online today by clicking on the generator within the sidewalk sale ad/link currently listed on the HF home page. Note that the ad shows 129.99 but it showed up in the cart as 89.99. Not quite sure how but I was also able to get the above 20% off code to work with it. I think the secret is to have more than one item in the cart before applying it. Not really sure though. Once it applied the 20% to the generator I ordered it immediately.

Hope it works as well as most have reported. Sounds like a great deal. Thanks for the info!

- EG

p.s. This might be a good option for those who may be in Isaac's path. Be safe.

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