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Originally Posted by SAR View Post
Early on in my career, in 1980, I was involved in a bank robbery/pursuit where a Deputy was killed, numerous Deputies and Officers were shot, a helicopter was shot down, and several thousands of rounds of ammunition were fired. Then fast forward to 1997, and deja vu all over again. Again my agency was involved in a band robbery where several thousand rounds were fired, and numerous officers and bystanders were shot. In 1999, again, my agency was involved with an active shooter who shot numerous people at a Jewish Synagogue. And intertwined in those high profile events have been several hundred shootings my agency has been involved in, not with thousands of rounds fired, but many in the hundreds. I was personally present at approximately 20 of them. The last being on December 9, 2012. During that time, I have fired my weapon on duty approximately 12 times, and been shot once. So you're asking me why I carry 12 30 round magazines?
In these engagements how many rounds did you fire personally? How many rounds did each officer fire on average? How many suspects were involved in each of these engagements?

To be clear I only ask after seeing some of these rigs w/ more extensive load-outs than some of our Infantry guys.

Not questioning the decision just asking.
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