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Hot or Israeli

All good posts on how to carry a Glock. I have had the same concerns as I carry all the time now. Glock may take a little time to get used to, but will not accidentally discharge so long as you carry in a rigid holster that covers the trigger guard. For some, the lack of an exterior thumb safety, and it's relative security or lack of, is the real issue. You have to ask yourself if an exterior thumb safety is there to prevent accidental or negligent discharge. I would contend that a thumb safety is designed primarily to prevent an accidental discharge and this is virtually a non issue for a Glock. So, negligent discharge is the real mental issue. Therefore, you need to remember and train for 2 things if you carry with one in the chamber: that you never negligently put your finger on the trigger, especially when removing or re-inserting into your holster, and be mindful that we are human beings and subject to making mistakes so when your Glock is not in your holster you should not be cavalier about handling it, just like any other gun. I don't advocate carrying a paper weight.

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