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Originally Posted by wjv View Post
Did similar when i started carrying a 1911. Carried cocked and locked without a chambered round. By the third day i realized that the hammer wasn't going to magically fall and fire the gun. Started carrying with one chambered.
Lots of folks gain confidence that the pistol won't "magically fail and fire", and such confidence in the weapon is probably warranted. However, the CC equation also has to consider the human element, and thats the wild card.

New gun handlers and veterans are capable of mental lapses that can result in deadly consequences regardless of the holster used. Part of that risk can be avoided with condition 3. Thats all I'm saying. The simple act of holstering without complete concentration can cause poop in the soup. It happens.

Yea, this is an over-argued topic that pops up every week in one form or another. Why do you suppose that is? I'd say its because so many people are trying to figure out what makes sense for their CC method. It's a question everyone needs to carefully think through beyond consideratipn of the "brick" and "short handled club" cliches.
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