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Remington R12/VersaMax Tactical

There is not a thread on this new platform so I figured I would start one.

The Remington VersaMax operating system has several unique features. First off, it is very similar to the Benelli M4. In facts, many parts are interchangeable, including the trigger group. The barrel/chamber has gas ports that direct variable gas (based on shell length) to two barrel mounted chambers that house short stroke pistons for the operation. The pistons don't have rings, or seals or any of the other little parts that foul gas-gun shotguns. They can be ghost loaded and the chambered shell can be removed, or replaced, without releasing a shell from the tube.

The R12 comes from Remington Defense and has two versions: 18" with 6+1+1 capacity and 14" with 4+1+1 capacity. Fixed or ProBore chokes, rifle or Ghost ring sights, pistol grip or straight stock, standard or railed fore end. Chambered for 3.5" shells, can run those and 2.75" and 3" through the self-regulating system with no user input

The VersaMax Tactical is really set-up for 3Gun and has a 22" Pro-Bore choke in a vent rib barrel with a FO front and brass mid-bead. It is an 8+1+1 with an oversized charging handle, safety and bolt release. While is still has the 3.5" receiver, it is rated as a 3" barrel.

All three came form the sporting VersaMax which are 4+1+1 in 26" and 28" barrels.

I have a new Tactical that I am evaluating and so far, I am very impressed... sure shoots soft!

Whatcha think? Boom or bust? Replacement of the M4 or no way?
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