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Originally Posted by seaswol View Post
I sent back my 18 month old TFO set where the yellow rear sight seemed too dim compared to the green from sight. They sent our a complete new set that are great. I sent back a very dim front green TFO sight that was 3 years old, they sent out a replacement. I am unfamiliar with their 90 day warranty.

Yeah, they've always been a little vague about their warranty... Last I was able to find copy on it, it was 90-Days for the sights, and something like 10-years prorated on the lamps—the part they don't make.

Let's see... Of our Meprolight, Trijicon, XS, Dawson Precision, and AmeriGlo sights, purchased since 2005, none of these companies have done squat for me! Of course, there have been no product failures to complain about, either...

Still, I'm glad to hear that you're satisfied, and have been well treated!

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