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Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
Well we surrvived the storm and the rain, the good lord blessed us again to spare our homes thru the rage of yet another devastating storm!

Tons of limbs and debris down, but blessed not to have had a tree hit the house. Only about 7"+ rain but other spots had 20"+, The gulf pour up and on to the land via the lakes,marshes, bayous, canals and streams.

Many areas hit very hard by waters rising 10'+ in a matter of minutes where they were normally dry! Blessings to help those who were not as fortunate as myself and family!

I sit here typing while on generator power, off the grid since Tuesday at 7pm. Maybe I'll get power tommorrow or maybey not! The 10 Ring Blessed to be able to have a sturdy dry structure I can still call home!

In closing thanks for your concerns! The 10 Ring
glad you have come out of it OK. I guess now you are sitting on a wet sponge waiting for it to dry.
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