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New Store!!

alright folks.... my new store has been launched and is up and running! a couple key new features:

*no more popup windows when browsing between products and info pages....

*simple layout should be straightforward and easy to navigate....

*the most important new feature to me is that customers now have the ability to comment/review/rate individual products that they've used....

now for the bad news.... my current merchant services provider is not compatible with the new store so I'm on the hunt again for another provider.... orders can still be placed, but payment for a while will be via Paypal only....

also.... if you were a registered user in my old store, unfortunately, I wasn't able to import anyone's account details so all accounts will have to be recreated....

hopefully the good outweighs the bad because this is the store layout I've been wanting for a couple of years now and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome....

**please also feel free to review, comment, or rate any of my products if you've used them.

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