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Originally Posted by schlitz View Post
  • like florida, i don't think texas has a law that references printing.

  • Tex gv. Code ann. 411.171 : Texas statutes - section 411.171: Definitions
    • (3) "concealed handgun" means a handgun, the presence of which is not openly discernible to the ordinary observation of a reasonable person.

    • It seems printing would be okay in texas -

      • so long as you're not wearing spandex that shows the complete outline of a gun...if you're wearing spandex around the gun.

      • But printing under a t shirt seems to fit the definition of concealed handgun per the texas statutes.

      • The grip of your gun poking out of your shirt can look exactly like some of these giant smart phones people are carrying around today in a cell phone holster/case/clip/whatever they call them.

  • I have "been around" for a while now, in

    • it's always been my understanding

      • that printing is when your gun is poking your clothing out of it's natural place in one way or another.

      • If printing was straight up showing the gun's exact outline then it wouldn't be an issue because no one who is sane goes out in a spandex suit with a glock underneath.

      • Printing would never be discussed on gun forums if this was the case.
  • To clear this up

    • i used spandex as an example.

      • Carrying under spandex would be clearly identifiable to the casual observer -not okay!
      • The butt of your gun poking your polo cotton shirt is not clearly identifiable, but it is printing.
Let me clear this up.

Like many aspects of carrying for self defense, the issue of "printing" must be viewed on a sliding scale using the effects of differing state laws, differing local customs, and last, the carrier's knowledge and understanding of these laws and customs.

What is good and acceptable in one state, one jurisdiction, may not be so in others. The observation skill of the "reasonable person" also comes into play as that too differs from person to person.

How much of the grip printing is enough to identify the object as a firearm? That again depends on the observation skills of the "reasonable person".

The person carrying should know the law and local customs very, very well before testing another person's theory about what degree of "printing" is acceptable.

As I've said before, what is good and right for one person may be deadly wrong for another.

Everyone, make your, your choices wisely...
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