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Let me just say this; I've owned them all. 3 Wilsons, 2 Ed Browns, 2 Les Baer and 2 Nighthawks over a span of 10 years. They were great and works of art. I could shoot one hole, one inch groups with them all day long. Then one day I realized it was nuts to own them and I sold them all. Now I own a few Glocks and I'm happy. Sure, I'd love to have one Wilson CQB again, just becuase it was an amazing shooter. But I can honestly say that those expensive guns had more issues of one kind or another than any of my Glocks. And of the bunch, on Wilson had really good customer serivce. The other ones simply sucked. If you are a good shooter, after shooting one you will understand why folks love them. I can shoot my Glocks pretty darn good; but they will never shoot like a high end custom 1911.
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