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Originally Posted by silverwingit View Post
But I am standing there with a Kahr CW9 in one hand and a Glock 26 in the other, wondering, "why am I even considering getting a pistol with questionable quality and reliability (and one that I am convinced would be difficult for me to shoot well) over one with a sterling world-wide reputation for quality and reliability when there is such a slight difference in size and weight?"
Actually the million dollar question right there ^^^. In the end, slight size differences are meaningless when compared to reliability. I completely agree.

The 2 top guns I decided between was the G26 and the S&W Shield 9. I choose the Shield which has been flawless and is holding up perfectly like a Glock. It just came down to preference for my CCW. But I am happy with my G22 and G19 for HD.
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