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Originally Posted by English View Post
I suppose some people would swap a G26 of CW9 for a woman and some would swap a woman for a G26 of CW9. I guess it depends on the kind of woman!

The real answer is that it depends on the hand of the woman. All hands vary and she just has to shoot them first. The trouble with that is that she needs to learn to shoot a little first or she can't make an informed judgement.
This post had a good point in it. Since this is her first gun, maybe she isn't ready yet to choose a specific gun - just needs more time to practice and develop more of an opinion.

We are all trying to give little points to consider, however, who wants someone else to pick our next gun for us. Go and rent a bunch of guns, and let her develop what interests and fits her better. When she is sure what she wants, she will know it and she will be much happier - and you will too.

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