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Bought a Mossberg 500!

Less than two months after buying my first firearm (my Gen4 G22) I had the itch for another gun. So I went with a Mossberg 500 since I wanted something better to defend my home (apartment... w/e) than just the handgun. Took possession a week ago, but just got to shoot it today. Shot 25 rounds of #8 birdshot and 15 rounds of 00buck. I ordered 50 rounds of low-recoil Winchester 00buck from but didn't have it in time to shoot today.

All I can say is... WOW! SO much fun. If my buddy hadn't been short on time, I would've put twice as many shells through the gun. It has kick, that's for sure. The 00buck kicked more than the birdshot, but the felt recoil wasn't so awful. So I feel confident that the low-recoil will satisfy me once I get to put a couple dozen rounds of it downrange. My shoulder is sore, and a little red, but I'm not "beat up" by any means.

My plans for the gun include a light, a shorter LOP stock (probably the Hogue) and a side-saddle shell holder. Yeah, kinda tac-tool but that's why I bought the bare-bones basic model of 500. It is specifically the 50411. It came with a pistol grip but I have no desire to install it.

Anyways. Pic time. Firearms were safety-checked beforehand; there's an empty magazine in the G22

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