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Originally Posted by bobtheelf View Post
I don't understand this argument. If it's the same as Critical Defense, I would think a competent lawyer should be able to demonstrate that, and a simple explanation of "it was (less expensive/more available) than identical ammo of a different color" should be sufficient.
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People in this forum really should start going to court some. Honestly I'd think the same as many of you if I didn't have to go so much because of my job and didn't get to talk to juries afterwards (win or lose) to see what influenced them. Let's not forget that many times a lot of leeway is given in the closing arguments. Things that were not introduced as fact are often introduced in an underhanded way right then. Things that we as knowledgeable enthusiasts consider silly can easily become one of many factors that will influence the jury. I'm even sitting here now wondering if any Zombie .22lr ammo is out there for my child to use for fun when he is shooting Zombie targets. Still I'd never put any in a gun I have on my side for self defense and the argument that one of you might run out of ammo and have to use your Zombie ammo is just silly. Who can't afford the cheaper ammo yet stocks up on the Zombie novelty stuff?
No offense but a good lawyer could make it an issue easily. Whether the jury buys it or not is another story. You can't depend on having a jury full of people sympathetic towards our rights.
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