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Originally Posted by Hyksos View Post
I can attest to that. Ever seen Shaq's ring?

Shaq shows of Freemason ring on NBA TV - YouTube

"That's the ring of my profession, you don't know nothin' bout that"

Also Rabbi,

Jamaica also has Mainstream lodges. We have a Brother whose Jamaican and when he first came to the lodge they made sure he knew about Prince Hall lodges (just in case he wanted to join one). He basically said "no thanks . . . my grandfather was mainstream in Jamaica and I want to be mainstream here."

It's very possible Usain is not Prince Hall is all I'm saying. I haven't been able to find anything on google about his lodge or Grand Lodge.
I understand that he may not be Prince Hall. My comment was more about them raising people on the spot (which is what the intel is on Shaq, who is Prince Hall)

I dont know. I really dont. I only have "what I hear" and I have no way of knowing how true it is. Again, the intel is, they put a lot of effort into getting their brand out with big names.
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