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What is up generation?

OK......I don't mean to go on a rant or anything (*is about to go on rant*)............but I have the biggest why question ever?

I'm 21...and why is it that 95% of people I talk to within my age range (18-25) have ZERO interest in guns....not only that, but most of them actually wouldn't mind having MORE gun laws or banning guns....

In all seriousness, the government's "gun control" brainwashing must be working REALLY well on my generation.......and i live in the SOUTH to...good ol Durham, NC....

I really have a hard time finding people my age who are enthusiastic about going to the range and firearms in general.......a lot of people I interact with in my age group who see that I OC think I'm some strange alien from another planet...they look at me with the most shocked expression on their face and after asking a few questions about why I carry they usually reply with, "You really think something could just going to happen ANYWHERE?" "You know you could just call 911" and many other stupid responses that I'm sure the government would be proud to seems a large number of my generation has successfully been brainwashed by the government into becoming reliant on them for protection and's like they REALLY think there is this armed government supersoldier that just pops up out of nowhere when you dial 911 and that people who carry guns are crazy.

I have little faith in my generation as far as gun rights each day passes I realize that the people who actually fight for my (and many others) gun rights are people in the 30+ age range......

What can be done about this? I feel like I am a lone 21 year old gun of you guys on GT who are in my age range notice this as well about our age group? IT'S SAD...

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