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I truly do try to believe that sometimes... but I even go out of my way to try and find different crowds of people AND I'm in college, which has a vast amount of different people from different backgrounds....and I'm not joking at all...there are VERY FEW people my age who are interested in's a trend...........they are concerned with things like legalizing marijuana and gay marriage rights.............and an array of other subjects that I don't give 2 ****s about.......the future of gun rights doesn't look good if my generation are the ones that will grow up and take office in political positions and as leaders of the country...

I hope there is a city somewhere where people my age think it is normal to go to the gun range frequently and own lots of guns......because durham/raleigh/chapel hill kids are brainwashed......instead I am viewed as the crazy one for continuing to purchase more guns, stockpile ammo, and open carry daily......almost all of those I know that share an enthusiasm for guns with me are 25+ in age.....

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