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Originally Posted by Chunky Mayonnaise View Post
If you really like it just buy it, but don't rely on it being an investment. I recently bought an OD frame 32 for $425 it was LNIB with maybe 100 rounds through it, and a little before that I bought a very early all original (black parts/tupperware) G19 LNIB for only $400. Now I'm sure I could throw these on one of many gun auction/sales sites and someone who just absolutely has to have it would pay me some ridiculous price, but I don't rely on them being an investment or really appreciating in value. Its sort of "there is one born every minute" type deals when it comes to buying/selling these type of pistols.
Thanks. Maybe the ODs are out there if I'm just patient. Your buys are a lot better than the one I have in mind.

I'm not counting on value going up, but appreciation that keeps up with inflation would nice.
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